Serpentine Pavilion by Smiljan Radic

Yesterday saw the unveiling of the much-anticipated 14th Serpentine Gallery Pavilion by Chilean architect Smiljan Radic. The annual temporary structure in London’s Hyde Park is a highlight of the year, and the latest is one of the most captivating of the recent commissions. Occupying some 541 square-metres on the lawn of the gallery, the semi-translucent, cylindrical structure almost hovers over large quarry stones that evoke the spirit of Fischli and Weiss’s wonderful... Read More

Bicycle Design

Bicycles are having quite a renaissance especially in cities where the car is no longer seen as the most efficient form of transport. Apart from the obvious environmental, financial and health benefits, two-wheels can offer a novel way of navigating urban and rural settings. You discover so much more pedalling your way around. Gently cycling in the countryside, as I was to discover on a recent trip to a little island in the Mediterranean, allows for an immediate connection... Read More

New Mini in Mallorca

It is a surprisingly steep climb to the top of the Cap Rocat. With full views of the bay of Palma de Mallorca it is well worth the climb though. Beneath my feet sits the piercing blue Mediterranean Sea to one side and Mallorca’s capital Palma to the other. I am surrounded by wildlife, too – a noticeboard outlines the number of rare birds to be sighted on the grounds of this most unusual hotel. This is a former military fortress – the stone structure is quite... Read More