Meet the new BMW i3 electric car

‘We want to demonstrate that something that at first glance may have been a drawback or a problem can be a new opportunity,’ says Benoît Jacob. ‘This is probably something no one had asked for before but then who asked for a phone without buttons before the iPhone?’ Head of design for BMW i told me a little while before the official launch of the i3 production car. This is the first car to be born out of this electric sub-brand. And we were amongst the first to put... Read More

Book review: The Design Book

The Design Book documents 500 of the most innovative examples of industrial design that have remained in production today. Presented chronologically in order of invention, it features works as diverse as the anonymously designed Arare Teapot of the 1700s, the design of which remains almost untouched (my daily tea is brewed in one that is almost identical), to Arne Jacobsen’s 1958 Egg Chair (pictured), works by star designers Le Corbusier, Yanagi and Eames, to the present... Read More