Disney inspired ice suite

The Legacy of the River is a futuristic ice suite designed for Sweden’s famous Ice Hotel and inspired by Disney’s Tron: Legacy. Translating the film’s futuristic sets and dramatic lighting, British product designer Ben Rousseau of Rousseau Design and architect Ian Douglas-Jones founder of I-N-D-J Architecture + Design, worked within harsh conditions – some days reaching as low as 32°C – completing the scheme in Jukkasjärvi, 200km into the Arctic Circle,... Read More

Frank Stephenson on McLaren interior design

Frank Stephenson is car designer with an exceptional resume that includes working at BMW where he penned the 2001 Mini, Maserati where he designed the MC12, Ferrari where he worked on the F430, and Fiat where he almost saved the company with the Fiat 500. Since heading up McLaren Automotive design department in 2008, he has shown us the first road car to be born out of the car making arm of the F1 company, the MP4-12C, and has hinted at where he intends to go with the marque’s... Read More

Turner prize: Sound as sculpture

This year’s Turner Prize was awarded to Scottish artist Susan Philipsz for her sound sculpture Lowlands. Philipsz used a sixteenth century Scottish lament about a sailor who drowns, but returns to give a final farewell to his loved one – recording all three existing versions in her own voice played under different bridges over the river Clyde in her birthplace Glasgow. Philipsz, who now lives in Berlin, is intrigued by the way sound can be transformed into architectural... Read More

Jaguar’s quirky cabin design

Jaguar is undergoing a design renaissance – its latest concept the C-X75 a clear indication of the quintessentially British marque’s confident design language that nods to its rich design history – think the iconic E-Type – whilst discovering what defines ‘Britishness’ in this century. The interior has been the focal point of current Jaguar design where there is a clever juxtaposition of high technology, taken from the world of electronic device, and old-fashioned... Read More

Book review: The Porsche Book

Love or loath cars, most of us would agree that Porsche builds beautiful automobiles that are thrilling to drive. From the timeless sculptural form of the 911 – so perfect in proportions that the designers find it hard to improve upon – to the Cayman, Boxter and the many derivatives, the Stuttgart marque simply creates emotionally charges vehicles that cause a visceral reaction in most of us. In recent years the company that was founded by Austrian engineer Ferdinand... Read More

BIG’s 21 century urban living

Last century’s modern thinkers founds new ways to house city dwellers – admittedly the solutions not always sucecssful in the long terms. How to house twenty first-century urban inhabitants was at the heart of Danish architect Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG)’s 8 House scheme just completed on the outskirts of Copenhagen. #gallery-9 { margin: auto; } #gallery-9 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width:... Read More